Welcome to Forecourt Solutions

Welcome to Forecourt Solutions

Forecourt Solutions is recognised internationally as a leading manufacturer of lightweight composite manhole covers and containment products for the petroleum & construction industries. Our products use market leading design and upto the minute technology to product cost effective solutions to match your development needs. 

Our successful brands include;

CompositeCovers.com - Lightweight high strength composite manhole covers

Chambetite.com - Extensive range of containment chambers and watertight chamber entry seals

DuctSeals.com - watertight duct and cable entry seals

CompositeGrates.com - Lightweight composite water drainage grates

To further enhance our range we market the Flexrite double wall flexible pipework system range within EMEA. Approved to EN14125 Flexrite is ideally suited to meet your needs within the chemical and petroleum indutries.

Forecourt Solutions products are now installed in more than 90 countires worldwide and we have a distributor local to you to make our products available when and where you need them. Forecourts sales team will be pleased to provide you with details of your local supplier.

Under Pump Drip Trays

Under Pump Drip Tray Picture

Under Pump Drip Trays are used to prevent leakage from within an above ground pump entering the containerment chamber beaneath and stops surface water from also filling the sump. Leakage within the pump is diverted to the exterior of the pump where it will be clearly visable enabling retrospective maintenance actions to be implimented to address the problem. It also prevents flash flooding from filling the dispenser sump.

Forecourt Solutions can provide a range of Drip Trays specifically designed to be compatable with your underpump profile and dispenser sump. These can be manufactured out of either fibreglass or polyethylene.

The CDS900-500-002 was produced specifically for our ChamberTite CDS900-500-860 dispenser sump and is fully compatable with the Tokheim Quantium Q310 a further version is compatable with the Wayne G Series Pump.

These cost effective membranes reduce maintenance upon your forecourt and improve visability of leakage within the pump cabinet.

Our technical support department will be pleased to discuss your requirements. Tel +44 1278 428833


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